Littmarck is the Swedish accessory house that offers high quality pieces combined with brave style and compassion.

The design of our leather bracelets, the very beginning and the soul of Littmarck, are inspired from the Sámi handicraft, the duodji. Side by side with the beautiful and mysterious Nordic nature the nomadic Sámi tribes have lived for thousands of years. Snow, glaciers, mountains, spellbinding aurora lights and impressive wildlife has formed this native culture full of myths, knowledge & an incredible ethnic style. Our bracelets are a blend of an old tradition and living a new one.

The fine raw materials we use, as reindeer antler buttons, reindeer leather and spun pewter thread are all from Lapland, Sweden. Just as proud as we are about our local material sourcing, we are about our production. All most all pieces are made by hand, with love and precision, by women in Soweto Jo-burg, South Africa, were safe jobs for women are rare.

Hope you like our style and way of thinking, welcome to our world!